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What to Wear

Ahhh, the all important question. What to wear to my session?

In my experience…this is a lot easier than you think it is…don’t let all the words below fool you!

I know it seems a little cliche to plan your outfits, but when it comes to lifestyle photography…clothing does play a role in the success of the finished product.

Let’s first take a look at What NOT to wear:

Let’s face it, sometimes we have to wear an outfit a few times before we are completely comfortable in it. The same goes for your kiddos. As far as I am concerned, I can snap photos of you in your most worn out jeans, as long as you know how to rock them in your own fabulous style.

Unless it’s your thing (and if it’s REALLY your thing, then by all means baby, bring on the bling)! If you’re not normally a dress-up kind of person, don’t feel like you have to be one for your session. Your ‘natural’ photographs better…always.

No need to focus on matching everything from the color of your headband to the stripes in your socks. Don’t risk not showcasing personality for uniformity in your photographs.

No need to worry about each and every clothing item, or fret about the suitability of each accessory. This is supposed to be fun!

I really want you to be happy, filled with glee and over the moon about your images! I know that this is much more likely if you take the time and choose clothing that fits these few simple rules.

Here’s what you SHOULD wear:

During your shoot you could be sitting on a pile on the grass having a tickle battle, snuggled up with your special someone, jumping off a tree trunk, cuddled in chairs, or throwing your kiddos in the air. Wear clothing that lets you do all that (and more) comfortably.

As for the kids? Uncomfortable kids have a tendency to look…well…uncomfortable, and are often cranky to boot. If your little girlie isn’t used to fru-fru dresses, putting her in one and sitting her down before a camera may be a recipe for disaster…Happy kids make for happy pictures.

Bottom Line: Don’t choose outfits that make any of you feel constrained, stiff, itchy, scratchy, like you’re dressed up for Halloween, or that leaves you with a nagging worry that a button might pop if you bend the wrong way. Trust me!

This can be tricky. Looking good is totally subjective, right? If you’re not a fashionista in real life, you might want to pull in some extra help from a straight-talking friend who knows about such things and has plans in place to help!

Just be comfy, just be you. Don’t push it for the photos!

Bottom Line: If you’re not love, love, loving the outfits, then you aren’t going to love, love, love the end result…and I’m all about you love, love, loving the result!

Here’s where we put it all together. It’s not just enough that everyone looks good and feels good – you’ve got to look and feel good together AND the outfits should fit with your location and the desired mood for your portraits.

Gulp. That seems like a lot, doesn’t it? (QUICK – revisit #4 in the top list, and remember, don’t stress)

Keep in mind where you may hang your prints; if you plan to have a canvas print of the entire family hanging in the yellow dining room, you may not want purple all over your image.

Bottom Line: It’s easier than it seems…just breathe.

So here are a few other pointers for your Session:

1. Don’t Rush – Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.
2. Get some rest – Make sure you have a good night sleep before your shoot, looking and feeling rested will help you feel comfortable. The same goes for the kiddos. Many times a pre-session nap will do wonders for their pictures.
3. Bring backup – If you think we may quickly lose the attention of your little one, think ahead. How can we keep their attention? A favorite toy? Some puffs to snack on? We aren’t above bribery here to get a great picture!:)
4. Take your time – Don’t plan another event too closely to the end of your session. If you are rushing around, needing to be somewhere else like 15 minutes ago, it’s going to show all over your face. If your session is one hour, that doesn’t mean that when the clock strikes 60 minutes I will send you packin’…we will finish when we finish. I want the best final result!
And last but not least…
5. Breathe – Truth be told, if your session bombs…Little Jack loses his cool and throws a fit, You rip a hole in your pants, or the rain starts to fall. There is always another day. I will work with you to give you the desired result, even if it means a substitute session!

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